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Project Description

ssisUnit is a unit testing framework for SQL Server Integration Services.

ssisUnit is a unit testing framework for SQL Server Integration Services. It is loosely based on the xUnit family of unit testing frameworks, but is tailored to better support the SSIS environment. One of the bigger differences is that you do not have to write code to create the unit tests. Instead, we have taken a declarative approach to specifying the unit tests. The test information is stored in an XML file. Since many SSIS developers do not have a background in developing desktop or web applications, we felt it was important to deliver something that did not require an understanding of .NET development to use.

ssisUnit supports task level testing in SSIS. Any control flow task can have a set of tests created around it. This level of granularity in testing can make testing complex packages much easier.

Pragmatic Works

Pragmatic Works is now supporting the open source development of the SsisUnit test framework. The development of the test framework is going to focus on the platform capabilities of the tool. If you are looking for:
  • coverage for databases (anything with an OLE DB or ODBC provider)
  • SQL Server Analysis Services (tabular and multidimensional)
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • a more robust user interface and an enhanced user experience
Please take a look at LegiTest. It supports testing SSIS packages, and adds some great user experience features, along with offering other valuable tools for BI developers.

More Info

Unit Test Structure

Getting Started

Product Sample Package and Test

Using Expressions in Asserts

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