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Feature Suggestions

Mar 12, 2008 at 2:33 PM
A few quick things first:
1) Like the idea, looking forward to where it is going.
2) If you have a features suggestion location and I missed it, please wack this and move it.
3) If anything I have listed is already present in the app and I missed it, again my bad.

My suggestions:
1) The same way that a connectionRef can be made to a ConnectionList it would be helpful to have packageRef on the Test element so that if testing the same packages repeatedly there are not duplicate file paths.

2) The ProcessCommand doesn't really seem to meet the need I am looking for. When I finish a task or a package I want to check for the # of files located in a directory. I am no batch file wizard so I was not able to come up with a simple way to do this with the dir command. Instead I created a simple C# console to call with the ProcessCommand which would return only the # of files in a directory matching a pattern. This did the trick but seems like a low hanging fruit sort of feature for the framework.

3) Not sure about The UI you are planning for the future, but even having a tree view list to select a task from for a unit test would really speed development of tests. Something to the "Package Explorer" tab in BIDS.

4) Having a way to reference a package stored in Sql Server would be a big help so I can copy my test between environment and simply update a reference to a Sql Server that holds the packages there.

5) Having some sort of reuseable values may be helpful as well in larger test files. Kind of like having variables defined at the top, such as for a source directory, that can be used in the values of different attributes and elements.

6) I know this is an Alpha, but having a walk through by blog post or video would really help with getting started. Might even have kept me from suggesting some features that already exist.

Mar 13, 2008 at 4:17 AM
Great suggestions!

1) Yes, a package ref would be a good feature. Should be pretty easy to add, too.
2) The ProcessCommand was kind of a catch all, because you can do just about anything with it (running console apps, powershell scripts, or even .vbs scripts gives you a lot of flexibility). However, I recognize that it's not very user friendly. We're planning to add a number of new commands, including more file specific operations, like checking the number of files in a directory, the existence of a particular file, row count within a file, etc.
3) Completely agree, and that is the direction for the UI. We're hoping to actually integrate it into the IDE, so you could right click a task and create the unit test from the pop-up menu.
4) Yes, this was an oversight by me because I work mostly with file based deployments. I'll fix it for the next release.
5) Could you give a little more detail on what you are looking for here?. You can nest the test files, so anything that you want to reuse could be hosted in an outer test case. Also, for the next release, we're planning to include TestSuiteSetup and TestSuiteTeardown nodes, which would run once for the entire suite.
6) Documentation has always been one of my least favorite activities :) I completely agree with you, there needs to be more explanation on how to use it.

Thanks again for the feedback - these are just the types of suggestions we're looking for.
Mar 13, 2008 at 4:18 AM
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