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Some rather obvious questions... Apologies If I seem a bit dim

Apr 26, 2011 at 12:16 PM

I'm poking SSISUnit with the intention of using it heavily. Its obviously in need of some documentation and I thought I might as well start some for myself if for no one else. I will post it back but I'll levae it for others to decide if its useful enough to be worth keeping.

I wanted to ask some obvious questions, some to confirm my suspicions/analysis and some as I have no idea how to figure it out right now

I know this is a labour of love and am well aware how much time this could easily soak up so I apologise in advance for taking up far more of your time than I deserve. I'll try and formulate some of it back as useful content to add to the wiki. So maybe it will save you getting asked all this again. I want to say how useful this is. I find it kind of shocking that this doesn't ship as a supported tool but cest la vie.

The Task that a test attaches to within a package. It looks like it can be the package or a task, does it work with Sequence Containers? Looks like it does.

When I add a new package and then try and add a new test. It often says the Package is invalid. If I save the test and shut down SSISUnit, then retsart it and reload it. It seems fine. Bug? Or Feature?

In the example provided the test names and the package elements seem to be the same. I assume they don't have to be, its just conveninet that they are?

Is there any way of controlling the order of the tests within a suite? Looks pretty arbitrary right now.

My understanding/guess at how this all works when you run a suite of tests is.

Connections get set/tested

Packages get set/tested

Test Suite Setup Gets Executed

The root level Setup gets Executed?

The individual Tests get Run. Can these be listed in multiple test folders? for different scenarios etc? Or should a separate Test Script be created for each scenario?

The Tests are run in the order they are listed. (which is giverned by? and is controllable how?)

A Test is associated with a package and a Task/Sequence/ within that package or just asscoiated with the entire package.

Each test Runs Its Setup section and all the commands within it.

It then executes the relevant Step/task within the relevant package. Or runs the entire package if that's how the test is configured?

Each test then runs all of its Asserts (in what order if there is more than one?)

Each test then runs its teardown section

The root level Teardown gets run?

The Test Suite teardown gets run.


Last question for this time around :-)

Whats the difference between the Root Level Setup/Teardown and the Test Suite Setup/Teardown?

I've just started poking varuiable values in and out so i suspect I'm going to have a raft of questions around that next.

Many thanks