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SSISUnit fails on connection "" is not found error when unknown connection element no found


I'm attempting to use ssisunit to test packages, however it keeps on failing becuase its states that empty connection cannot be found.

In order to validate package, I modified package to work locally and any parent configuration variables from the master TL package have been ignored.

The package itself will import data from a csv file into staging table. All target/stored proc and folder locations have been replicated.

In addition, when I run it locally it will execute package without issue.

That is collect file, move to processing folder. Truncate staging table and import data, then move processed file to archive folder location.

I've checked all the connections and points to local SQL 2012 instance.

Currently running on local laptop - win7/64bit/SQL 2012

Can we suppress the errors being returned?
          Also determined by looking at execution results, that the error is returned Log provider for the text files - The connection "" manager is not found

As anyone experienced this?