SSIS Unit Test Automation in C# does not work for SQL Execute Task

Hello, I've installed the ssis unit test and it working fine from UI and also tried to automate it using the example given here and it's producing the accurate result. But it fails every time wh...

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Package won't validate LKP is wrong Version and Connections at package level

Task Error: The version of LKP EXISTING RECORDS is not compatible with this version of the DataFlow. and connections not found: Task Error: The connection "{6EA46583-95C9-429C-80BB-39EADFE81239...

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Upgrade for SSIS 2014 Support

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SSISUnit fails on connection "" is not found error when unknown connection element no found

I'm attempting to use ssisunit to test packages, however it keeps on failing becuase its states that empty connection cannot be found. In order to validate package, I modified package to work loca...

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Just installed...need assistance..

Just installed ssisunit.......invoking New From Package, after selecting package, I get the following: See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of ...

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Looking for information on running ssisUnit in 32 bit mode

I have a number of packages that read Excel files that I am attempting to create automated tests for. I keep running into the problem of running the package in 64-bit mode. I've set everything in B...

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Support Password Protected Packages

Add the ability to test password protected packages.

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Delete Button Click on Assert Name Deletes Assert

I was trying to edit the Assert Name. selected a word and clicked on the Delete button, the entire assert was deleted from the Tests. I was looking to remove only a word in the Assert not the entir...

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Sequence Container doesn't cast to taskhost

I'm attempting to create a test on a sequence container. When doing so, I am receiving an error that states that we can't cast the object of type sequence to an object of type taskhost.

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Add file command for asserting whether two files match

Considering that one of the potential outputs of a task is a file, it would be useful to say "I expect <this output file> matches <this sample file>". In theory a file command with a "Match" operat...

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