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Upgrading the Example package has broken the tests

Apr 26, 2011 at 11:32 AM

I'm just having a poke around SSIS Unit with an intent to use it on a sizeable ETL project I'm starting. I use Unit testing tools for other frameworks, but never for SSIS.

I amended the Package.dtsx, and it has upgraded it since I'm using SQL 2008 R2. Now when running the tests I get an error.

The following error occured when executing the test: The Package Path (product) or the task host ({965543FF-BEB3-4B12-9EBE-ED6E7BE54F3A}) is not valid. The task host was not found.

I assume this is because I've amended the package. I notice the GUID concerned is inside the original Product.dtsx.

In fact I've just checked and it looks like Product is the only test that is failing. All the others are fine. I also ntoice that the TASK property for the Product test is blank, but shown in the MXL as the GUID above. I assume its supposed to be attached to something, like the entire package?

Just changed it to be Product (whihc I assume means its accessing the package as that's the package name and all the other TASK values seem to be Tasks within the Product package. And now its all passing fine.

Hmmmmm. Some docs required I think.

many thanks